The vibrantly colored and boldly textured work of artist Dorsadaf Moinzad displays the spontaneous spirit that drives her. Born in Tehran, Iran, the self-taught artist developed her practice as an avenue of emotional release. Working with a range of mediums and methods, from acrylic to oil and collage to palette knives, Moinzad honed her characteristically colorful and sculptural style rapidly, building a sizable body of work in only a few years. 

 Dorsadaf’s journey into art was unique and has shaped the work she now creates. Never having planned to become a painter, she graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science. Today Moinzad’s art often pulls from her background in mathematics, with strong geometric elements and meticulous patterns. 

With a prolific and experimental approach to her artistic practice, Moinzad has already had her art exhibited in events such as Pancakes and Booze


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