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Growing up in Tehran, Iran, Dorsadaf Moinzad never imagined becoming a professional painter. But she did hunger for self-expression, the result of being raised in a culture where she felt discounted and overlooked. Her later experience as an immigrant in America added complex new dimensions to her desire to be properly seen and understood. It was this instinct that compelled her, not too long ago, to take up painting as an outlet for thoughts and emotions that demanded release.

Self-taught, she paints in multiple mediums, ranging from oil and acrylic to collage and palette knives. Dorsadaf’s subject matter runs the gamut as well, at times focusing on familiar objects like seascapes, flowers, even edible “yummies” like donuts. At other times she ventures into pure abstraction. Her work is vibrant, whimsical but never slight, brightly colored and broadly sculptural, with interesting textures rising boldly from the canvas.

Educated with a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics and Computer Science, Dorsadaf brings a strong foundation of structure and symmetry to each piece, pulling from her math background with precise geometric elements and meticulous patterns. At the same time, she loves to create in a rush of spontaneity, which infuses her art with a signature sense of playfulness and joy.

In just a few short years, Dorsadaf has already built a sizable body of work, with public displays at events such as Superfine LA in Los Angeles. Her art is currently on exhibit at several locations including Gallery 114 in Portland, Oregon; Resin Gallery and Shockboxx Gallery in Hermosa Beach, California, the Irvine Fine Arts Center (IFAC) in Irvine, California; and the TAG Gallery in Los Angeles, California, and many more.

She works from her home in Los Angeles. 


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